1st Birthday Photographer | Raleigh NC | Cake Smash Photography

1st Birthday Photographer | Raleigh NC | Cake Smash Photography


Well……. this is what the came looked like before Maverick’s 1st birthday cake smash started……. A perfectly decorated dinosaur cake custom made by 2LittleOnesCupcakes based out of here in Holly Springs, NC.

Cake Smash Photographer


I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with this precious little boys mommy on this session. We worked together to create a special dinosaur cake smash session, which will be the theme for his birthday party next weekend.

It’s funny because mommy and me were talking about him liking sweets. She was confident that he was going to love his cake… and a mommy always knows her baby! He started to dive in before we were even done putting this cake down. I always tray to capture the first finger, but we missed it because he was that fast. I thought that was not only awesome but hilarious!

Holly Springs Cake Smash Photographer

Between the blue frosting and the grey backdrop his eyes were piercingly beautiful. They are a true mix of grey and blue. They are so captivating!

Raleigh 1st birthday Photographer ws6

Maverick has a big brother too. His big brother was sitting on the sidelines praying Maverick left some for him. For a little while it wasn’t looking good for his 8 year old big brother… I thought for sure the cake was not only going to be completely demolished but completely gone. The good news is that the story was a happy ending for Zachary, Maverick was too full after eating almost all of the delicious buttercream frosting to eat too much of the actual birthday cake. In fact, as soon as Maverick was done, Zachary was on his hands and knees eating the cake and licking the frosting!! He was all eight year old boy, for sure!

I hope you enjoy these cake smash photos just as much as I did.. and as much as he enjoyed eating it! (It did look delicious).

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