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It was a stunning day in June for Stephanie and Travis to say “I do” surrounded and supported by their family,   close friends and loved ones at the beautiful wedding venue The Pavilion at Carriage Farm in Raleigh, NC.

Raleigh NC Family Photographer


The couple decided to exchange letters written by one another before the ceremony, but did not want to see each other or have a first look. So we carefully placed the groom on the stairs in the grand entrance of the venue, and then escorted the bride to the perpendicular corner of the stairwell where he was standing. Stephanie knew that this letter from her soon-to-be husband was likely going to make her cry.. and it did. Travis was remarkably strong and kept it together. But I could tell by looking at him he was working hard to not let a tear fall from those eyes. The couple held hands for a quick moment and then parted ways until their ceremony.


Raleigh NC Family PhotographerRaleigh NC Family Photographer


As guests arrived, they congregated in the shadows of the wedding venue until moments before the ceremony began to help everyone beat the heat. They kept cool with programs that were made into little fans.

Raleigh NC Family Photographer


Travis and Stephanie had a very large wedding party… Eight on each side! You could tell that these eight people truly meant so much to them. These are the same people that we’ll support and love them throughout their marriage. The groom was such a good sport this day… Was sure to make eye contact with my camera throughout the entire day, as opposed to many of the grooms who tried to avoid the camera whenever possible. I thought for sure she was going to drop at least one tear when he saw his beautiful bride been walked down the aisle by her father.. Instead that tear just sat in his eye.

Raleigh NC Family PhotographerRaleigh NC Family Photographer


When the bride finally was able to see if her groom, while holding her father’s arm her smile was so big and so genuine. Pure joy and happiness could be seen for miles. And so was the grooms smile.

Raleigh NC Family PhotographerRaleigh NC Family PhotographerRaleigh NC Family Photographer


The couple exchanged beautiful vows, rings, and their first kiss as Mr and Mrs!!

Raleigh NC Family PhotographerRaleigh NC Family PhotographerRaleigh NC Family PhotographerRaleigh NC Family Photographer

We were able to find a semi cool shaded area under a beautiful mature oak tree next to the pond. Although it was so hot, I never heard one of these members of the bridal party complain.. The only complaint I heard is that there wasn’t enough beer. Which is a totally valid complaint!! Haha!

Raleigh NC Family PhotographerRaleigh NC Family Photographer

I could have spent hours photographing these newlyweds. It was such a pleasure to work with this couple and their families as they celebrated their new life together as husband and wife.


Raleigh NC Family Photographer


Raleigh NC Family PhotographerRaleigh NC Family Photographer

Raleigh Family Photographer | Newborn Photography | Holly Springs NC 


OK.. I LOOOOOVE when this happens. An accidental shot of a HUGE newborn baby smile. It’s almost always a sure sign of an upcoming fabulous newborn session.

Raleigh NC Family Photographer

I have been waiting for this sweet little girl for a few moths now. My excitement for her arrival began when I met her mommy, daddy and big brother in April for the maternity session. I knew that afternoon she was going to be absolutely perfect.

Raleigh NC Maternity Photographer

Family Photography Raleigh

As sweet as she is, she knows she has a lot of competition in the sweetness category with a wonderful big brother. Her big brother was so kind, gentle, loving and smitten with his little sister. He had no issues with holding her and loving on her for some photos. The camera was even saying “awwww”.

Big brother and little sister

Raleigh Family Photography

Here is a little sneak of their beautiful family photography portion of the newborn session. They took great natural lifestyle like family photos including mom and me, dad and me, brother and me along with sweet little hand holding.

Family Photography Raleigh
Big brother and little sisterLifestyle Newborn PhotographyMother and newbornLifestyle newborn photography

After the family portion of the newborn photography session the boys stepped out to run some errands and we then focused on the newest addition to the family. She stole the show.

Holly Springs NC Newborn Photography

She has the most beautiful olive skin tone. It made it harder to pick what colors look best on her… In fact, she easily wore bold, bright and neutral colors with pure beauty. Check out at how well she wore this blingy newborn crown. I think we have a princess in the making! She can add this photo to her portfolio. Haha!

Raleigh Baby Photographer

Sweet baby girl Green was a great sleeper throughout her newborn session. She allowed us to get through all of her family photography shots and about ¾ of her own newborn session before she made a stir to eat. Then she went back to sleep for a little bit before she woke up and watched me.

Holly Springs NC Photographer

Isn’t this shot of her perfect little newborn baby girl lips so cute? She was almost snoring in the shot!

She surely helps define the the term “Sleeping Beauty” without any argument.

Raleigh Family Photographer

After we were done she woke up… And watched. When I say she watched, she was not taking her eyes off of me. She was so cute. And we knew that her session was all done.

NC Newborn Photographer

I can’t wait to watch this sweet little girl grow up.

Raleigh NC Cake Smash Photographer | Willhite Cake Smash Photography Session | Holly Springs NC


The oooohhhh SO sweet Vivian was in the studio, here in Holly Springs, for her first birthday cake smash photography session just a couple of weeks ago. After a lengthy stretch of birthday and cake smash sessions in which cake wasn’t a crowd pleaser, this birthday girl seemed to enjoy the cake AND the frosting… quite a bit!

Cake smash 1st birthday

Mommy picked out this adorable pink lace romper for her daughters cake smash session. During our pre-shoot consultation, we talked about how we can make sure that Vivian’s cake smash debut was special. I love being able to design this simple yet elegant cake smash set up. With pink, navy blue and gold we were able to capture her sweet personality in a classy yet simple way.

Raleigh Cake Smash Photographer

Initially she was a little bit apprehensive and how she should go about eating the cake. At first she was just using her index finger and thumb to get little teeny tastes of frosting. It didn’t take too long before her hands were covered with pink frosting. One of her favorite things she did was fill her hand with frosting, and then began clapping both of her hands together to make a perfect mess.

Then she started eating so much frosting… LIKE A CHAMP!

Raleigh NC Cake Smash Photographer

Just like all cake smash photography sessions, you never know what could happen…

In this case Vivian played and laughed and then played some more… Until she picked up the cake stand and dumped the cake right off! Haha!! She immediately knew she did something great because of her smiles.

Holly Springs NC Cake Smash

You can tell by looking at the photo about how pleased she was with herself. She even gave herself around of applause. She really was so cute.

Happy birthday sweet girl!!