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Going to grandma and grandpa’s house seems to be so much fun… Not only because these grandparents love their grandchildren so much but because they have a swing in the living room! I don’t know about you, but this makes me want to hang a swing in my living room, or somewhere in our home. I just loved it! And it was so elegantly decorated dangling flowers and bells.

Extended family photography indoors

These sisters are so beautiful, fun, sweet and full of life. They made me want to be silly.. Well, who am I kidding, I was silly!

Sisters for family photography session

The weather on the day of their extended family session was not very cooperative and quite unpredictable actually. On this day, we had sunny sky breaks after torrential downpours and the humidity was off of the charts. We really didn’t know what to expect from one minute to the next. Fortunately the weather held off long enough for our session, including the ability to kick our shoes off and take some of the family portraits outdoors.

Family Photographer Raleigh NC

Although our primary focus for the session was supposed to be the grandparents and grandchildren, but I am thrilled we were able to get photos of a daddy and his daughters. The love, admiration and bond is so strong! Isn’t there something special between a father and his daughters?

Sisters during family photography session

As I mentioned in the blog earlier that day the weather wasn’t looking so good because of the significant amount of rain. But these girls were so brave and didn’t mind sitting down, even if there was a little rain left on the steps. They were so carefree at this point and having a great time. At first they were a bit apprehensive about the “woman who came to take photos” but by the end the oldest wanted me to stay. It is truly one of the biggest gifts about being a photographer.

Extended family outdoor photography in Raleigh North Carolina

Purple and silver cake smash photo

Raleigh NC Cake Smash Photography – Ainsley is ONE!!

I have absolutely found the passion and niche within my photography business.. It is absolutely cake smash photography! An adorable little girls like Ainsley are the ones who make this evident. Look how adorable she is!!!! I’m pretty sure I could photograph her all day long!

Raleigh NC cake smash photographer

It was so much fun working with this family drove almost an hour for this special milestone, cake smash photography session. Ainsley wasn’t so sure about what she should really do with this cake that sat in front of her. Was she supposed to eat it? She supposed to play with it? What exactly is it? At first she was a little bit nervous about it and proceeded with caution. Although we were all cheering her on, she was really into taking her time to make sure she did it right.

NC Cake smash photographer

She was so cute. With this cake smash sessions you never really know what’s going to happen. Sometimes the birthday baby dives right in and eventually we have to dive in to pull them out of a paste made with frosting and sugar. Other times it takes a little more coaching, and sometimes even reinforcements. This time our reinforcement was her older sister. Her sister Gracelyn was eager to show her the ropes from the moment she walked into the studio. She sat on the sidelines until her name was called! As soon as Gracelyn got onto the set, it was all over. Not only did she show Ainsley that it was okay to eat a cake, but she taught her how to paint herself with the frosting!!! PERFECT!!!!!!!!!

Sibling cake smash photographypurple cake smash

I am always so appreciative for all of my clients, and even more so when they come from all over North Carolina for my cake smash sessions!!

Although I can share these cute pictures four days, I could only pick out a few for this special sneak peek. And believe me, the selecting process was difficult!! You can even ask mommy how hard it was too narrow these photos down to just a few!

Holly Springs baby photographer


I have THE best clients that any photographer could ever ask for!! Hands down, no questions asked!! Because of you, T&T Photography has grown tremendously. A great customer experience is what I strive for every single time. I want my clients walking away with their precious photos and the ability to share with your friends what a great experience it was. The growth has made it difficult to keep up with all of the correspondence and paperwork. So, I have officially hired an office assistant to help ensure your experience is always a great one with faster response times, faster delivery, better communication and better quality!!

As an active supporter of Holly Springs small businesses, a special place in my heart for women entrepreneurs/mompreneurs  and great love for our community, it was important for me to hire from within Holly Springs. I am hopeful to inspire young women to chase their dreams into entrepreneurship! We have some amazingly spirited young women in Holly Springs and I was so happy to meet with a few of them! Over the past 3 months I have interviewed 6 lovely young women. They were all wonderful beyond words, with each of them bringing something different to the table. It was a very hard choice when it came down to it. But I am thrilled to finally announce T&T Photography’s office assistant!

Please welcome Amanda Pahl!! Amanda will be answering emails, returning phone calls, scheduling sessions, following up, and assisting with photoshoots!  She is a resident of Holly Springs and a senior at Raleigh Charter High School. She has lived in North Carolina for a total of 10 years (with a brief interruption overseas in China).  She has a love for North Carolina and Holly Springs….especially the beaches and food! As a senior, Amanda is currently narrowing in on her college selections. She is planning to apply to UNC, ECU and Vanderbilt to study psychology and chemistry.

T&T photography, Holly Springs Family Photographer

I cannot tell you all what a pleasure it is for me to be a part of your families lives! Because of your support and loyalty to me, there will be so many wonderful things coming for the rest of 2016 and for years to come! T&T Photography will continue to contribute to our town through local charities and giving young women the opportunity to see what working for a small business is like and the value that it brings to our community.

Raleigh Family Photographer | Mathews Newborn Photography Sneak Peek

Family Photographer doing newborn photography in Raleigh NC

Whatever you do, do not believe this photo above is any representation of this little man’s newborn photography session. When mommy and daddy brought him into the studio for his photo shoot, he was sleeping peacefully. Not even the sounds of his two big brothers could wake him up! Normally my sessions start with the family pictures including siblings, but in this case I am so glad that we switched it up. In fact, he was awake for almost ALL of his newborn session. Luckily for us we were able to get a couple of photos before we woke the lion!

Holly Springs North Carolina newborn photographer

This little guy was going through a growth spurt which is very common shortly after a newborn arrives. And this little guy was in the peak of his growth spurt. All he really wanted to do was eat and then watch to see what I was doing. He was really good baby! He was having a great time being entertained by me.

Awake newborn baby in basket

As you can see he was not just a little awake, dozing off from moment to moment… But he was bright blue-eyed and completely alert! I didn’t mind it one bit because I got to see his beautiful eyes! He really watch me and everything I was doing.

Holly Springs newborn photographer

With newborns when they are awake, we are somewhat limited as to what we can do during the session. This little boy was not only wide-awake but he loved to squirm out of the swaddled I felt sure he would not be able to get out of, and made lots of cute little baby sounds. Mommy and I worked patiently with him trying to get him to sleep for almost three hours. For the first time, the baby won and didn’t get any sleep during his newborn photography shoot. We had to make sure that we incorporated his daddy’s favorite NFL football team, the Washington Redskins. Again he was wide awake but we were able to get the shot!!

Newborn photo idea for Washington Redskins

I had so much fun working with him. I hope that he learns the ropes very quickly from his older brothers!