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Holly Springs NC Photographer | Patrick Mommy and Me Session | Holly Springs


I have been working with the Patrick family for a few years now… and every time I have a lovely time and the sessions get better and better. This session was scheduled to document Nora’s 2nd birthday. What I loved about this is that it was a “Mommy and Me” session. I loved the idea of an outdoor session, because I have missed photographing sessions outside being that it was such a cold winter and a very rainy spring.

We took these photos at a beautiful park, in the morning here in Holly Springs. About 20 minutes from Raleigh. The sun was shining beautifully through the trees and it gave us such beautiful lighting.

Holly Springs NC PhotographerHolly Springs NC Photographer


For this mommy and me/ birthday session, mommy communicated with me that she was looking for something delicate, gentle and had a  beautiful bohemian feel. This was easier achieved with light colors, especially with the blush pink, long, flowing dress that mommy wore. And I have to be honest, this color pattern is my favorite for these sessions. It truly brings in a feminine feel.

Just to mention it again, this was not just a mommy and me session. This was also a session to help document this sweet little girl’s second birthday. What better way to document a girls birthday than with flowers… Big, beautiful, delicate, blooming flowers. It seems as though she liked having the flowers there as well. She spent much of her time inhaling the beautiful scent of them.

I wanted to make sure that they have were able to take these flowers home and enjoy them there. So we didn’t spend too much time using them for the session so that they were able to enjoy the flowers after the session, at home. I promise, they smelled beautiful. I wish there was away to share that beautiful floral smell with you through the computer.

Raleigh NC Family PhotographerRaleigh NC Family Photographer

After we were all done using the flowers, we got some lovely candid shots of of just Nora. She hammed it up for the camera just enough.

Raleigh NC Child PhotographerRaleigh NC Birthday PhotographerRaleigh NC Child Photographer

She was such a great sport, considering she had some dirt on her feet that got through her sandals…. She really didn’t mind too much. I was far more worried how about getting any of that dirt or mud on their dresses. After all, the colors were so light, it would have showed and given me far more time with edited. Luckily, for all of us, we avoided that concern. Every time she stood on the grass, we wiped her sandals and feet off to keep mommy and daughter completely dirt free.

Here are just a few more portraits from the mommy and me portion of the session.

Mother Daughter SessionsRaleigh Mommy and Me SessionsRaleigh Mommy and Me Sessions

I hope you love looking at these photos as much as I love taking them.

Nall Family Sneak Peek | Family Mini Sessions | Raleigh, NC


One of the greatest gifts I have as a photographer is when I get to work with families through the years as the children grow from babies. This sweet little girl was just a baby last year for her family mini session, and in one year – She has grown SO big!

This first photo is a shot from last years family portrait session. I remember her curiosity when her head was played on the plush grass.

Raleigh Baby Photographer

AND… this is her now!! She is such a big girl now!

Family Photography Holly Springs

You can tell that she brings so much joy to her family. And you can tell that she loves her mommy and daddy to the moon and back.

Family photographer,child photographer,baby photographer, holly springs

She is starting to find her own independence but she still lets her mom and dad love on her, especially for the family portrait shots.

Holly Springs NC Family Photographer

And she surely loves to explore. The family mini session we had this year was at the WRAL Azalea Gardens, in downtown Raleigh, about 20 minutes from Holly Springs.  The weather cooperated and the azaleas were in full bloom. And this little miss was all about exploring ALL of the colors on the property. From the reds, blues, purples and even orange – she wanted to see it all. And she did.

Raleigh NC Baby Photographer

Raleigh Cake Smash Photographer | Jemma’s Sneak Peek | Holly Springs First Birthday Photography

Cake by Holly Springs, NC baker: Baked by Billie

This watermelon inspired cake smash session was a blast! At first Jemma looked at it kind of funny… a little unsure as to what she should do with this pink and green “thing”. The great news is that she wasn’t scared of it and was completely open to the idea of at least trying to eat a little.



And then it was on!!!!!! Jemma tasted a little bit of heaven and went from unsure to ecstatic!! Look at this photo below. This is the shot I got when she realized “this is the good stuff”.


Holly Springs NC Photographer


She wasn’t only curious about the colorful cake in front of her, but Jemma was extremely curious about my camera. She was so funny because every time I would set my camera down or hold it away from my face, she would stare at it. Her mommy told me what Jemma really wanted was to see how she looked in her photos.  Haha! She saw that she was rocking the session and crawled back to her cake. It was so adorable!


Holly Springs NC first birthday photographer


I always like to tell the parents during a cake smash photography session, you may see the sugar hit them. They get a little twinge of excitement. It’s always hard to know when it’s going to happen, and it happens so quick the camera doesn’t usually catch it. But if you look at the photo below, the camera got it this time!!



The sessions was great, mommy was laughing, I was laughing and so was Jemma. We all had fun and we had tons of frosting on us.


Cake Smash Photographer RaleighRaleigh first birthday photographer


It is also so funny when they feel frosting between their tiny little toes and on their feet. It is a strange texture that most of them have never felt before. It made Jemma curious again.


Cake Smash Photographer RaleighHolly Springs NC Photographer


These last two cracked me up so I just had to share them on the blog.

Thank you for sharing your first birthday with me lil Miss Jemma!!!!!

Raleigh Cake Smash Photographer



If you would like to see more 1st birthday and cake smash sessions, click HERE. 

Holly Springs NC Photographer | Raleigh Headshot Photography

It is so important to update your professional headshots at least every 2-3 years at minimum. If you are an executive that changes style frequently, I recommend doing them every year.

This is the beautiful and talented, Amy Brothers of Amy Brothers Interiors, ASID. I met Amy through the Holly Springs Chamber of Commerce. Amy and I spoke for months about updating her headshots before she finally pulled the trigger. She plans on using these photos on her blog, website and social media.

Raleigh NC Head Shot Photographer

Executive headshots are not always fun, mostly because we are all too hard on ourselves. As business owners, we have to give ourselves grace and make sure our clients feel connected to us. The last thing you want is a client to review your website, social media, LinkedIn to find a 10 year old headshot. Make sure your clients are able to connect with you and you don’t give them any surprises when you meet them in person.


Raleigh NC Headshot Photographer


Just like any other photography session I offer, I work with my clients closely. For professional headshots, I discuss your brand, your vision and I get a complete understanding for how you plan on using the headshots. I also help my clients determine makeup, hair, clothing and accessories. We also talk backdrops that will help bring your vision and brand to life.

Holly Springs NC Chamber of Commerce Photographer

My clients are never rushed and are able to decide on the headshots they want to use. Some clients pick multiple headshots for various social media platforms, business cards, advertising and websites. Each headshot plays a different role, has a different “feel” and should be used as a tool to set the tone.

Raleigh NC Executive Headshots


Raleigh NC First Birthday Photographer | Cake Smash Photography | Holly Springs

I cannot believe that Bella is getting ready to celebrate her first birthday already!! It seems like just yesterday that I was at the WRAL Azalea Gardens photographing her mommy, daddy and bog brother for their maternity session.

Raleigh NC Maternity PhotographerIf you want to take a trip down memory lane and see the blog from the maternity session, click HERE. They were over the moon with excitement to meet her.

Raleigh Baby Photographer

Not too long after that we were shooting the newborn session after she arrived with a full head of beautiful, silky, dark hair. If you want to see a glimpse of her newborn session, you can see it by clicking HERE.

Needless to say, I was caught a little off gaurd when Bella’s mommy reached out to schedule her first birthday session. I was even more excited when we were talking and I found out she didn’t lose any of those locks from when she was born! THEN, I was even more excited when she sent me some cake smash inspiration. I knew the colors purple and aqua were going to be just perfect with her police skin tones and dark hair. I mean look at the cuteness!


Raleigh NC 1st birthday Photographer


She was so cute taking little tastes at a time. She got the hang of the cake smash after a few minutes…. after some coaching from her mommy and me. Haha!


Raleigh NC 1st birthday Photographer


The cake was designed and made by the fabulous, Baked by Billie, right here in Holly Springs. I have been thrilled with Billie’s recent cakes. The aqua and purple were perfect to compliment the She hits it out of the park with colors as well as designing cakes rather than copying them. She also offers delivery, which makes it super easy for my clients who decide to go with her for the smash cake.


Cake Smash Photographer Raleigh


During the cake smash session, she made some ridiculously cute faces and had some adorable expressions. When she felt funny with the texture of the frosting and filling, she let us know about it. Haha!!

Cake Smash Photographer RaleighFirst birthday photographer Raleigh NC

Even though Bella didn’t do a  belly flop into the cake, she sure did have fun doing it. It’s always

First birthday photographer Raleigh NCFirst birthday photographer Raleigh NCRaleigh NC Cake Smash


After such a successful cake smash it was time for Bella to splish splash in the baby tub. At first she was a little confused, just like most of the babies who go from sugar to scrub. She liked the bath the most when we were blowing bubbles. For this portion of her session we opted to keep the banner up as well as her necklace and headband on. She was so fun and cute!


Raleigh NC Cake Smash PhotographerRaleigh NC First Birthday PhotographerRaleigh NC First Birthday PhotographerRaleigh NC First Birthday PhotographerRaleigh NC First Birthday Photographer