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Family Photographer Raleigh NC | Sugg Farm, Holly Springs Photography

Family Photographer Raleigh NC | Sugg Farm, Holly Springs Photography


There is something special about extended family photography sessions. To have grandparents in formal pictures along with their grandchildren is really such a blessing and such a great way to capture a memory that will be forever cherished… By for both the grandparents and grandchildren alike. These grandparents drove a couple of hours on this morning for the family pictures and they both looked pristine!

Family Photographer Raleigh NC

Mom just made the photography appointment just two days before the actual session was to take place. Needless to say I was shocked at how well they had put all of these perfectly color coordinated outfits together!! They said it only took them three hours at a local department store to do it. To be completely honest, when it’s time for our family photos, I access about this stuff for weeks sometimes even months!

Family Photographer Raleigh

We were blessed with another beautiful day of weather for this family’s photography session. It was sunny, not hot and there was a gentle breeze blowing into our hair…. This is actually a really good deal because we don’t have to worry about hair flying into faces and really being a distraction. I think that we did it early enough in the morning, so that heat would not be a factor. It really made it quite enjoyable for the entire family… And if it wasn’t enjoyable, they did a good job at fooling me! Haha!

family Photographer Holly Springs NC

One of the things that stuck out about this family was how polite and well mannered these beautiful children are. They did a great job and taking instruction, smiling when prompted and just being great children. These parents are truly blessed and have done a great job raising these children.

I look forward to sharing more images from the family session in the coming weeks. This family has a tough job ahead of them in deciding which photos they want. 🙂

Holly Springs family photographer

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