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Family Photographer Raleigh NC | Sugg Farm | Holly Springs

Family Photographer Raleigh NC | Sugg Farm | Holly Springs

Raleigh Family Photographer

Finally, after months of rescheduling I was finally able to photograph these beauties as part of their family photography session. I am guessing that mom is going to be very surprised to see that I was able to not just get this photograph of the both of them together but several more.

They were so cute and such sweet little girls…. And very girly girls. They were petrified of ants and other bugs, and really kept a watchful eye out for one another. But luckily for us, the cooler morning temperature kept the bugs at bay and made for a beautiful environment for this photography session. We also went back and forth trying to decide if the girls were going to wear shoes or not. You will notice that in some pictures they’re wearing them, and in some they are not… For these kind of concerns, during this session we make a big deal out of it.. Then when I look at the images, I can only see how beautiful these little girls are.

Family Photographer Holly SpringsHolly Springs Family Photographer

We started the session early in the morning, and right in the town in which we live in, Holly Springs, NC. Funny enough, these beautiful little girls also live in the community in which I reside in. Shortly after the session, I went with my family to our community pool, and the eldest quickly recognized me as the woman taking her pictures just a short time ago. It’s always such a blessing to have the ability to connect with each of these little girls.

Sugg Farm Family Photographer

The beautiful dark fences, make for such a stunning backdrop for any family portrait session. Whether you are standing in front of the fences, standing up next to them, or sitting on top it makes for a lot of fun for children of all ages. These little girls were no exception to the rule.

Raleigh NC Family Photographer