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1st birthday Photographer

We all know how important the 1st birthday really is. Mason’s 1st birthday was not exception to the rule. His mommy and daddy planned such a fun birthday party complete with the cutest theme, an outdoor woodland theme! How perfect for a little boy, isn’t it?

Raleigh 1st birthday Photographer


The invitation was adorable and it really did give you an insight on what to expect for the party, for sure!! With frog legs (chicken wings), rabbit food (veggie tray), bird eggs (bird egg candy), mossy logs (pretzels rolled in green chocolate), twigs (pretzels) and acorns (donut holes dipped in chocolate sprinkles), mom left no stone unturned with creativity for Mason’s special first birthday. Mom even had the cutest Kate Spade raccoon shoes!!

Mom and dad really know how to throw a party!! So many people were there to show Mason how much they loved him and they completely showered him with love, attention and lots of fun toys. As soon as he opened the lawn mower that lights up, he was ready to take a break from opening all of his fun and generous birthday presents!

1st birthday Photographer

1st birthday Photographer


I have to give mom lots of credit. It is really hard to pull together a detailed party and still be able to visit with guests and this mom rocked it!! We even had the opportunity to take a few family photos during the party. Mom kept everything running smooth and the party started when it was supposed to and ended with Mason is an adorable Korean outfit.

1st birthday Photographer

Family Photography

It is so important to capture images with grandparents and great grandparents as often as you possibly can. This was an wonderful opportunity to photograph 4 generations of Mason. This photo included the birthday boy, his grandparents and great grandmothers. You can feel the love they all have for this precious baby boy!

Cake Smash = FUN!!

No 1st birthday is complete with a cake smash. Mason loved his fox cake! I loved watching his facial expressions as the sugar was entering his system. Mom said this was his first time having that kind of sugar. I can assure you he didn’t mind it at all!!


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