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Welcome back, everyone!! I hope you are all almost ready for Christmas! It’s hard to believe that it is less than a week away now! That being said, I know this family will be thankful to be with one another during this holiday season.

I recently had an inspiring family session with this amazing cancer warrior family. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I truly have the best clients ever! This family was no exception, either. This extended family came from near and far to have these amazing photos taken with their mother as she is battling breast cancer. This was extraordinary to have them all in the same place at the same time. To see the love they have for one another and the support they provide not just mom but as a family.

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I was contacted by one of the children of this brave warrior to schedule this session. We found a location in the Raleigh, NC area that allowed for space. Unfortunately it was really cold that morning and the wind was whipping. I loved shooting at this location because of the high grass and the open fields… but the open fields left us a bit chilly.

It truly was an amazing photo shoot. This woman is giving a great fight, surrounded and supported by her husband, children and grandchildren.


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If you know of any family battling cancer, let them know that T&T Photography offers free family sessions to cancer patients and has been for just over a year now. As a cancer survivor myself, I feel so rewarded by giving back to the community in this way. Offering encouragement, capturing the bravery and love during such a strenuous time all while bringing the family together to make memories is second to nothing.

Okay, on to a sneak peek of pictures of this wonderful cancer warrior family.


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