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Having current professional headshots is an essential element in today’s world of social media, marketing, and branding. With more people turning to social media and the internet to shop for services, this is truly your first impression.  With a professional headshot, you want to appeal to your client base by looking approachable while representing your brand properly. Selfies in your professional network no longer work in your favor.


Your headshot is the first thing your potential client or employer will see and you only have 15 seconds to grab their attention and make a great impression. After all, your headshots are used in so many places, whether it is at the top of your profile on LinkedIn, Facebook, or your website.  You want to ensure you are professional, approachable, and more importantly, trustworthy.  Your headshot sets a precedent of what to expect.

I suggest having them done at least once a year, after all, our hairstyle changes and who our audience may be changes as well.  By having a current headshot, it shows your client base, this is exactly who you are going to be working with. The same person that is in your professional headshot is the same person your client can expect to meet, see, and work in person.

There are so many types of headshots being that there are so many different industry sectors that appeal to different client bases. When scheduling your headshot photography session with T&T Photography, we will determine which one is best for you. I will also help guide you through the uncomfortableness of being in front of the camera. We will help you find that warm, natural, and inviting smile that makes your clients feel at ease when contacting you.

Many of us come up with an evolving list of reasons not to get professional headshots. It usually starts with how we think we look. Well, if you are used to taking selfies with your phone, cropping yourself out of family photos then you are not going to look your best. The angles will be awkward and your pose is not likely going to be flattering. I will help you determine what to wear, how to wear it, help you get in touch with hair and or makeup artists to make sure you look your best yet very natural.

While I offer female headshots primarily, I do also offer the same services to men as well.

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Raleigh Headshot Photographer Pricing

Collection One  $179

~Pre shoot consultation

~One ten minute photography session

~One outfit

~One backdrop of your choice

~ Thirty-day online proof gallery

~Two images of your choice digitally edited

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Collection Two  $229

~Pre shoot consultation

~One twenty minute photography session

~Two backdrops of your choice

~Two outfits

~ Thirty-day online proof gallery

~Four images of your choice digitally edited


Collection Three  $329

~Pre shoot consultation

~One thirty-minute photography session

~Up to three backdrops of your choice

~Up to three outfits

~ Thirty-day online proof gallery

~Six images of your choice digitally edited

Raleigh headshotsheadshots raleigh nc


Executive Collection $679

~Pre shoot consultation

~One sixty minute photography session with up to two outfits

~Many backdrops of your choice

~Four outfits

~ Thirty-day online proof gallery

~Twelve  images of your choice digitally edited

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To discuss your headshot session email T&T Photography at tandtphotographync@gmail.com
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