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Newborn Baby Ward

Raleigh NC Newborn Photography | Lil Mr. Ward’s Sneak Peek

This adorable newborn baby boy came into the world to join us a little bit early. I met his mommy just days before he decided to make his entry when I was photographing wedding in Chapel Hill North Carolina. Mommy looked absolutely amazing at the wedding… I mean glowing with a flawless completion and a smile ear to ear! ┬áNeedless to say was no surprise to me when she looked just as beautiful a few short days after having a baby.

Family photography of mommy and her two boys from a newborn session

During the first part of the newborn session, big brother participated in the photo shoot. He was still grasping the idea of what it is to be a big brother. He was a bit unsure of his ability to hold his little brother, but you could tell he’s going to warm up to the idea quickly, and he will soon be showing his little brother the ropes.

After big brother was done with his portion of the newborn photography session, he and Daddy packed in the car to go find something fun to do while we continued with the newborn session. They did what men do.. They went to Home Depot!

The newborn session had a bit of a rough start. Baby Brooks was wide awake and very very hungry. He was also a light sleeper. This made it very interesting for us all. But we did not give up! We continue to let them eat as he wished, moved him when we needed to, in took as many pictures as we could when he finally fell asleep.

When he fell asleep, and we started getting those shots we wanted, mommy checked her phone to find out that big brother had fallen and Daddy had taken him to Urgent Care. Daddy gets tons of kudos for the “Don’t freak out” text message while he handled it and big brother ended up with 4 stitches. I think big brothers first lesson for his little brother is how to be tough!!

We were able to finish the session, and everybody went home for a well-deserved evening of rest.

It was very hard to find just a few photos for the sneak peek.. But I made it happen!

Check out more photos in this little video.