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Sarah May’s Cake Smash

Raleigh First Birthday Photographer | Cake Smash Photography | Sarah May Turns One!

This is Sarah May! She is about as precious as can be!! With her beautiful blonde hair, captivating blue eyes, a perfect complexion of ivory skin, a smile that lights up the room, chunky rolls everywhere and that beautiful blonde hair makes you just want to snuggle her and love on her all day long. But one thing I can do is assure you that if a cake is in the room when you want to snuggle with her, she is probably going to choose the cake. And just for the record, her daddy is going to have a hard time keeping those boys away!! Haha!

Pink and gold cake smash photography


At first she was a little bit intimidated with this beautiful pink and pale cake in front of her… But as soon as she got that first taste of frosting on her lips there was no turning back, cake everywhere. And she didn’t mind it one single bit!! In fact it’s exactly what made her cake smash photography session so very beautiful and so very fun. I think the fun stopped when mommy had to clean up the frosting that had gotten in between every finger and toe of her cute little birthday self.


first birthday photography with cake smash


During part of her cake smash session she was a little bit apprehensive as to what was going on. The smiles were almost begged for.. both mommy and me were singing and clapping away up into she started to smile when she started smiling we knew we were all having too much fun. She really is such a fun little girl that is full of life and cute smiles and sugar… FILLED with sugar!


Cake smash photo for girl in Raleigh NC




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