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Land Maternity Sneak Peek

Land Maternity Sneak Peek | Award Winning Raleigh Maternity Photographer


T&T Photography is an award winning photographer based in the Raleigh area. In 2017 and 2018, we received the Expertise Top 10 Raleigh Maternity Photographers. It was such an honor to receive this award… what makes it amazing, is that it’s merely because I love my job. I especially love maternity photography. This sneak peek of the Land family maternity session is the result of the love I have for maternity photography.


Award Winning Raleigh Maternity Photographer


This is another family that I have been working with for a long time. I was there to video their wedding day, the maternity session for baby boy # 1 (Braxton), Braxtons newborn photos, baby photos for Braxton and now these…. and soon I will be able to meet Bryson, and take his newborn photos. It is such an honor to be a part of a families journey, especially this one.

It’s not news that this summer has been especially hot and so very humid here in Raleigh. As hopeful as I was for a cooler maternity session for this family, we didn’t get it. In fact, it make have been the hottest and most humid day of the summer. Between the heat, the sweat and the little bugs, it made for a very interesting and eventful maternity session.

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I mean, look at this mama!! She was flawless! Some women are just born with it. Regardless of how sticky and hot Aubrey was, you could never tell. Her makeup didn’t smudge. Her hair remained is pristine condition… and that was all the way until it looked like the key was ready to dump buckets on her. She never complained. She was just so happy to be having the photos.

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We can’t wat to meet you Bryson! You have a big brother to help show you the ways of the world. AND you have a mommy and daddy that will provide you a wonderful loving family life.

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