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Raleigh Family Photographer | Destination Wedding Photography | McConnell Sneak Peek

I had extreme pleasure of traveling and documenting a destination wedding in Scotland, UK. It was such an amazing opportunity to watch one of my best friends finally marry the woman of his dreams. In the most dreamy setting you could ever imagine. A real Castle in the Scotland countryside. The Dalhousie Castle was a stunning venue with beautiful views and endless possibilities.

Dalhousie Castle Wedding Photographer Scotland

This year Scotland had an unseasonably cool Summer with lots of rainfall. We were all praying that the rain will hold off or not show up at all.You have to believe in the power of prayer after this amazing weather. Out of the four days that we spent in Scotland, Scott and Heather’s wedding day was the only day that the sun shined and boy did it shine bright! The skies were beautiful and almost a neon blue, with beautiful fluffy white clouds.

Dalhousie Castle Wedding Photography
Dalhousie Castle Wedding Photography

Scott, the Groom, just finished his final chemotherapy treatment for colon cancer just a few weeks prior to the wedding date. He was diagnosed right before Christmas and he finished kicking cancers butt with this wedding day as his goal. I have known Scott for many years and to be a part of this day was absolutely magical. I am finding it hard to write this blog, as the tears of happiness fill my eyes, yet again.

The morning of the wedding, Heather finished writing her wedding vows quietly outside of the castle. It was an emotional morning for her, as I caught several tears roll down her face. She wrapped up those vows, wiped away those tears of joy and started to get her “Queen of the Castle” on!

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Prior to the wedding, they did not want to see each other for a first look. But they did have small gifts to give one another. So we carefully met out in front of the castle by a absolutely huge oak tree… and slowly brought them around the tree with their backs to each other and had them pass their gifts to one another. It was REALLY funny actually.  They did struggle for quite some time to find one another’s hands, eventually we had to step in to help. They were filled with giddiness like high school teenagers. The emotion and the powerful love that they share was felt by everyone around.

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The ceremony was absolutely beautiful! The bagpiper escorted Heather, playing a beautiful melody, through the Castle and to the Chapel in the Castle where Scott and guests waited. As she started to come down the stairs, Scott did his best to hold back tears, but he couldn’t.  Seeing him with tears, left not a dry eye in the Castle. As she saw him, she beamed ear to ear.

They included a real owl that delivered the wedding bands to the Best Man.. It was amazing and something I had never witnessed before. It was so so special. At the end of the ceremony, the couple kissed, and a bright streak of light came across their faces. We think it was Heather’s dad visiting from heaven.

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They were surrounded by some of their very best friends.. Some knew each other while others made new friends for a lifetime. We have all been waiting for this day and enjoyed it just as much as Scott and Heather did.

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After the ceremony was all done, Heather and Scott Took full advantage of the beautiful property that the castle had to offer… And we took portraits all over the place! They kissed… laughed..kissed some more.. laughed some more and kissed more.. Lots of love, laughter and kissing!!

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