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Minion cake smash for Dallas

This cute minion cake smash was just perfect for Dallas.

Cake Smash Raleigh NC
Cake Smash / First Birthday

I can’t believe that Dallas is turning one! It seems like just a few months ago that I was with him mommy and daddy for his maternity session. You can see a little glimpse of that maternity session HERE. I mean, he was tiny and in his mommy’s belly. Now he is sitting in my studio eating cake! I LOVE MY JOB!

As soon as we sat Dallas down in front of his minion cake, he went both hands in. He had one handful after another for a couple of minutes. Just as usual, he wasn’t a big fan of the texture of the frosting, but he did like the way it tasted.

cake smash
Cake Smash / First Birthday

Did you know that you can watch a replay of his minion cake smash on my T&T Photography facebook page. I usually encourage moms to watch some of these videos so that can see first hand, how the sessions usually go.

Raleigh first birthday photographer
Cake Smash Photography / First Birthday

Once he started to eat the cake he needed lots of water to drink in order to wash that sugar down. Dallas was just so chill and sweet for the duration of his cake smash. I helped make sure he had some cake on his toes, just like I usually do for the cake smash sessions. Most of the time the baby does it to themselves, and when they don’t…. I help. Did I mention that I LOVE MY JOB?

cake smash
Cake Smash Photography / First Birthday

When Dallas was done eating his cake, he was sure he let us know. He kept delaying eating more cake, wanting for more water then he continued to crawl off the set up. At one point he even stood up to walk out! Haha!

Minion cake smash
Cake Smash Photography

newborn photography lifestyle
Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography Lifestyle | Holly Springs | Newborn Photographer

Year after year, when I am able to work with the same family, I get to watch their children grow. It is such a special gift that I get to share in. It is even more special when that family grows. Especially when it is a family that just loves each other so much.

It’s wonderful to be able to also help a family that sacrifices through dads service with the Holly Springs Police Department.

Newborn photography lifestyle
Newborn Photography

These children could possibly be the sweetest and most well behaved children in the world. You can also see in their eyes how full their hearts how to have a baby brother to now love. When we switched up the shots, they were always eager to be the first in the picture. They both wanted to hold him and give him kisses. Once they were done with the session they really just wanted to stay and watch every breath their baby brother took. It was just so so sweet.

Holly Springs Newborn Photographer
Newborn Photography
In home newborn photographer 27540
Newborn Photography

He was cluster feeding on the day of the session. (That means all he wanted to do was eat, all day and all night). So for his session you may think that he would be tired and sleepy. He was, but he fought falling asleep and watched us for the majority of the newborn session.

He would eat.

Start to fall asleep.

Then wake up as soon as he heard the camera.

Raleigh in home newborn
Newborn Photography

Then mom and dad had to hold him.

Then the cycle repeated itself. Haha.

Holly Springs NC Family Photographer
Newborn photography

And as soon as he finally fell asleep, the session was over. It’s funny because we were all tired and he was the only one that could take a nap. But while he napped we watched and adored those chubby cheeks.

Lifestyle newborn photographer Raleigh NC
Newborn Photography

newborn photography lifestyle

Newborn photography in home Raleigh
Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Newborn Photographer | In Home Newborn Photography | Raleigh, NC

As a newborn photographer, there are very few things more precious than when a husband and wife have a baby and fall in love together with their brand new baby. Not only do they fall in love with this brand new human together, but they fall in love with each other all over again. This was very obvious with this brand new mommy and daddy. And that is important, because mom is a Duke fan and dad is a UNC fan. They made it work. Haha!

In home newborn photographer
Lifestyle Newborn Photography

This little guy, “Holt”, was wide awake for our long in home newborn photography session. If he wasn’t watching us, he was wanted to get some more food from mommy. We all love when the newborns are growing and gaining the weight that the doctors want them to. But it does make the newborn session a little longer. It was so funny because every time he even got close to his mommy, he wanted to eat again. I stopped counting how many times he ate at 7.

Newborn photographer Raleigh
Newborn Photography

Even in this photo above, with mommy going nose to nose with him, he wanted to eat after the photo.

Newborn Photographer Holly Springs
Newborn Photography

I just love how much this family loves each other.

Newborn photography in home Holly Springs
Newborn Photography

Before each session, I have a consultation on the phones with my clients. We talk about all of the things about the session. In this case, mom was concerned that the house was still undecorated and they were waiting until having the baby to find out what they were having. Well they had a boy. That means at 10pm the night before the session, daddy was hanging up those adorable photos above the crib.

In home newborn photographer
Newborn Photography

It is obvious that daddy is looking forward to having a golf buddy in the coming years. And Holt is eating enough to make sure he is big and strong enough to give his daddy some competition.

Welcome Holt!!

Boy First Birthday Cake Smash
First Birthday Cake Smash

First Birthday Cake Smash | Raleigh NC | Cake Smash Photographer

It was such a joy to have Hayes in the studio a few weeks back for his very special first birthday cake smash studio session. There were so many personal touches added to the set up. The cute cake you see here was made by his very talented mommy. It was gluten free and mommy said it tasted like Oreos and was delicious. As always, I never got a taste of it, but I believe her. It was really moist and looked rich. I loved the special little details with the airplane and his name. I am certain that I would have never been able to do this great of a job on a cake.

Adventure cake smash
First Birthday Cake Smash
First Birthday Cake Smash
First Birthday Cake Smash

And to mention more on how many beautiful personal points were included in this first birthday cake smash, the cake stand was Hayes great grandmothers. I am not going to lie, at first I was super nervous to use it. First is was a glass cake stand and my professional fear is that it could fall over and break and cut him, but Hayes mommy assured me it was going to be ok.. and it was. (They don’t make things like they used to.) But I was also concerned that a piece of their family history could be lost. But clearly, Hayes was not worried about it! I mean look at that smile!

Raleigh cake smash photographer
First Birthday Cake Smash

But all of these concerns were for nothing. In fact, Hayes didn’t use the cake stand very long at all. It didn’t take him long to rip off his hat, knock over the cake smash just make an AWESOME mess.

Cary NC Cake Smash Photographer
First Birthday Cake Smash

Another special touch included a vintage pilot leather hat. It was so cute on him, but just like most other 1 year olds, he wasn’t a fan of having something on his head. Every single time we tried to put it on, he took it right off. So we got to a point in which we just gave up on it. We were all ok with that choice! Haha!

But look how cute it was!! Especially in the mess of the cake.

Cake smash photographer Raleigh
First Birthday Cake Smash

And the last mention of the special touches is obviously the rocker Harley Davison. This rocker was made with solid wood by Hayes grandfather. When I say solid wood, I mean it. It was so heavy! Again, they don’t make things of this quality these days, unless you are Hayes grandfather. I think we all need a grandfather like that!

Raleigh Cake Smash Photographer
First Birthday Cake Smash

And just like that.. it was over. He let us know when he was all done making a HUGE mess with that cake. And he was ready to ride off into the sunset on his Harley.

First Birthday Cake Smash

Thanks for sharing your special first birthday milestone with me Hayes!

Wild One theme cake smash
“Wild One” Themed Cake Smash

Many times it can be overwhelming to try and figure out the perfect theme for a cake smash. Then there are times in which the theme for the cake smashes quite obvious. For this little guy, a Wild One cake smash session is easy to come by.

Wild one cake smash
Wild One Cake Smash

Sometimes the theme matches their personality. Although I would call this little guy wild, but I will say that he was absolutely full of laughter and joy and personality. He was trying to reach for the cake before his mom and dad tried to put him down. That is always a good sign. The one thing that he wasn’t really happy about was having the hat really happy about was having the crown. We aren’t sure if it was itchy or if he just wasn’t used to having something on his head… which is very common during a cake smash session. He took the hat off every time we put it on his head, so we just let it go.

cake smash for wild one
Wild One Cake Smash Session

I just love all of his pure cuteness. His smiles, his grins, the way he embraced all that is a cake smash session. He made a mess. That is highly encouraged, and it’s helpful when its a wild one cake smash session because it fits the name.

boy cake smash
Wild Once Cake smash session

He seemed to be really good with all the attention on him. He hammed it up for the camera.

boy cake smash
Wile One Cake Smash session

It’s always hilarious when you see the baby put their foot into the cake. At first it takes them by surprise but they usually turn it into a kicking game. In this case he realized that this was another way to make a mess and it served as positive reinforcement for him to do it again, and again… and again.

Wild cake smash
Wild Once Cake Smash session

At the very end, he was giving us all of the signs that he was done with the cake smash… but as he watched us clean up he has a little sad it was over. We had so much fun! This cake was designed and delivered by Baked By Billie.

wild one first birthday session
Wild One Cake Smash session

It had been a while since I had this theme, you can find that Wild One Cake Smash session HERE.

Raleigh in home newborn photography
In Home Newborn Photography Raleigh

This sweet newborn baby girl was wide awake for her entire in home newborn photography session. She fought falling asleep as hard as she could, and dominated.

Lifestyle newborn photography Raleigh
Raleigh In Home Newborn Photography
In home newborn photography
In Home Newborn Photography
Newborn photography in home
Raleigh In Home Newborn Photography
Fresh 48 Photographer Raleigh
In Home Newborn Photography
Newborn Photographer Raleigh NC
In Home Newborn Photography