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Raleigh Family Photographer  Searching for an Enthusiastic Intern (Unpaid)

T&T Photography is woman owned photography business based in Holly Springs, NC. I am currently seeking a hard working, self motivated, enthusiastic and reliable intern to assist in the studio, on photography sessions, and in the office. This position has a very flexible schedule and includes between 3-5 hours per week and 5-10 hours per week during peak seasons. The position starts in September and will continue through December 15th, 2019. This is an unpaid position but does serve as credit towards graduation.

Applicants MUST commit to working approximately 2-20 hours a week with a flexible schedule. REQUIRED Saturday and Sunday’s on November 2nd, 3rd, 9th, 10th, 16th, 17th, 23rd and 24th. If you are not able to work all of the dates listed above, please refrain from applying.

Intern Candidate Responsibilities

  • Passion for social media, photography, organization, and customer relations.
  • Fantastic work ethic.
  • Ability to work and problem solve independently.
  • Familiar with social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest.
  • Calendar management.

Holly Springs NC Photographer

Additional Responsibilities Include

  • Willing to assist during photography sessions.
  • Assist with resetting studio or set ups after sessions.
  • Helping with making kids smile during a session.
  • Attend local events as representative for T&T Photography.
  • Assist with ongoing projects.
  • Transcribe/Blogging.
  • General studio projects.
  • Studio management.
  • Email correspondence.
  • Calendar management.

how to apply

*Provide cover letter, resume and at least a 300 word essay about yourself. Please share your goals throughout your school year and what your plans are for after you graduate. Additionally, please share with me any previous work experience you may have.

*Applicants without these three items will NOT be considered* NO EXCEPTIONS!

Please send to tandtphotographync@gmail.com

Family portrait for lifestyle newborn session
Ward, family of four.

Newborn Photography in Home

Having a newborn photography session in your home, aka a “Lifestyle” newborn session, has so many benefits. If there are older siblings, it allows us to work with the newest big sibling at their pace so they feel less overwhelmed. The session at home also allows us for endless possibilities of outfit changes and anything else we may want to use in the newborn photography session. We are also able to get intimate memories in the comfort of your own home.

Lifestyle newborn photography

The Ward family was a beautiful family to work with not only because they are a beautiful family, but because the session went so smooth and easy. We were able to get plenty of family photos with everyone, then many photos with Evelyn (big sister) and her new baby sister. I know these pictures of the girls together will be special for mommy and daddy for all of their years to come.

Lifestyle newborn photos
In home newborn photographer Raleigh
newborn photos raleigh nc
Fresh 48 photographer Raleigh
So much love with these two already!

By looking at these photos, you can see how much of a sweetheart Evelyn is going to be to her big sister. Although I could tell back when we had their maternity session (you can see a sneak peek HERE) at the WRAL Azalea Gardens in Raleigh.

The special bonds between mother and newborn and a father and his newborn daughter.

These bonds are so beautiful. And when I am taking photos I get the front seat to watching the bonds form in the early days of life.

Daddy and newborn daughter
Daddy and daughter love.
Mother and daughter
No love is like a mothers love.
Lifestyle newborn with mother and father
Loving parents together.

After we are all done getting some of these special moments between parents and their new bundle of joy, we turn the focus on to the newborn baby.

These shots of just the baby can be taken anywhere. Many times the suggestion I give is the nursery or the master bedroom. Whichever room has the least amount of distraction.

Child Portrait, boy in red shirt
Theo is two!

Toddler portraits are just as important as newborn portraits. I mean, let’s face it, time flies and they grow so fast. We cannot stop the clock from ticking and time moving at a lightyear pace, but we can pause for a few minutes and photograph the moments and cherish them forever.

That is what we did here. I cannot believe that it has been over a year since Theo’s cake smash session. It seems like only a few months ago. (Don’t worry, I checked and found his blog to make sure his mommy wasn’t trying to trick me.) You can catch a glimpse of his cake smash session HERE.

Holly Springs NC Photographer, toddler photography
Theo was full of laughs and smiles.

Theo is a typical 2 year old little boy. He is funny, growing into his personality, full of love, wants to have a matchbox car in his hand or in his pocket and he seems to have an unlimited supply of energy. That energy keeps his mommy and daddy young and running. Literally, running. Haha!

Holly Springs mommy and me
Theo and his mommy.

He isn’t a baby anymore, he is a toddler. And being that he is a bigger child, he is looking less like a toddler and more like an adorable little boy. With blond hair, blue eyes and a smile that could stop traffic, he is a great subject to work with.

He loved the red chair.

Whenever I have a session with a little one, I am sure to bring things for them to sit on. Whether it is a tiny couch to feel cozy in or it is a colorful chair, they all enjoy having something perfect for their size. Theo couldn’t decide if he liked the chair or the couch more. The red chair matched his outfit, but the couch was so comfy. Regardless of what he sat on, he had fun and smiled the whole time.

So sweet.

Once we were done with the session in Raleigh, Theo went exposing his his grandpa. It was really cute to watch them point out the birds and squirrels. But when Theo said snake, I knew the session was done. 😳

Elijah was all smiles for his first birthday photos.

SMILE! It’s mini session time!

Elijah wasn’t thrilled during his cake smash session (which happens more than you would think). You can get a quick look at his cake smash session HERE. But he was all big boy smiles for his mini session with his family. You can tell that he loves his daddy and that daddy can always make him laugh and smile.

Father and son during mini family session
The 1st birthday boy and his daddy!

It is kind of funny because during his cake smash session his mommy said “if daddy was here he would be smiling and having fun. I guess moms are always right.

Elijah and his mommy

In this photo with Elijah and his mommy, his daddy was right next to me getting his to smile and look at the camera. We were making funny sounds, his daddy was making silly faces and low and behold…. we got the shot. Thanks for your help daddy! And for the family portrait, I am the one who had to make the embarrassing sounds and silly faces. I got the smile. Then I got the shot!

Mini family portrait
Family portrait

With the first birthday packages, we are able to get so many great shots with many options to be able to choose from. Sometimes it can be really hard to choose. The 1st birthday collection includes a cake smash session as well as a mini session. The mini session can be used with the birthday baby only or the whole family. I do encourage the whole family to participate because I believe in the value of having family photos as a child grows up.

The location of this family session was at the Raulston Arboretum, in Raleigh. It allows for such a beautiful and natural setting for family portraits. Depending on the time of year there can be some beautiful flowers at this location as well.

I just love capturing special moments between a parent and child during a family photography session.

I have not worked with this family in a couple of years, when their firstborn, Hailey, celebrated her first birthday. (You can pop over to her blog post to see how much she has grown HERE) Well now, she isn’t a baby anymore! Nope, she is a BIG sister. Hailey is absolutely crushing it with her new promotion!

Raleigh family photographer
Family photography also means sibling photography.

I also got to work with with 4 month old Cameron. Seriously, look at these checks and tell me if you don’t just want to squeeze them? The best part is when I got him belly laughing. Not only did we get some great shots, but we were all laughing along with him. Because NOBODY can keep a straight face when there are baby belly laughs. It makes my heart full when I can pull those laughs out of the little ones. He is a great addition to this already lovely family.

Raleigh Family Photographer
Baby smiles and belly laughs.

We couldn’t just let Cameron steal the show, we had to give Hailey some serious camera time too.

Family photography
Haileys hair was blowing like crazy in the light breeze we had.

And we can’t forget the precious moment between the newly promoted big sis and her loving mommy.

Scheduling family photos can seem like a lot of work. Between working, laundry, cleaning, birthday parties and all of the things that keep a family busy, it can feel like another thing on the long list of things to do on the ” to do” list. But when my clients can walk away with precious memories, it does have a way of reminding us to slow down and enjoy the days. Because these moments don’t last forever.

This family session was in Raleigh NC.

Holly Springs Family Portraits| Holly Springs NC | Sugg Farm | Gelpi Family Sneak Peek


Holly Springs family portraits are always the best at Sugg Farm. But really, this is true. Regardless of the time of year, the tree lines and fence are beautiful when they are backlit like they were for the Gelpi family.

Mommy and me photography session Raleigh

I always plan my sessions depending on the photos that are most important for my client. Typically we have a great mix of semi posed family photos as well as plenty of candid moments. It is during those candid moments, during the candid shots, that we get the most authentic smiles from everyone. This is also when we can get some fun pictures of the kids together. The trick is to not let them know they are being set up for some silliness.

Candid family portraitsHolly Springs Family PortraitsHolly Springs NC Photographer

Another thing to expect during a family portrait session is that we make sure you have plenty of photos to choose from. Once we get the shots we move on to another family combo. This keeps the session flowing and rolling without getting anyone bored where they lose interest and check out of the remainder of the session.

Holly Springs NC Family PortraitsChild photography Holly Springs NCApex NC family photography

If you think that family portraits can’t be fun, I want to help you rethink this thought. I want to make the session fun for everyone so that everyone has something they hold close from the session. Whether that is a silly face shot or a sneaky tickle attack, I will get those genuine smiles and capture the love that your family has.

Raleigh family Photography

I know it seems early, BUT, I am already booking for peak foliage fall mini sessions. I already have 8 sessions scheduled for October and November. So don’t wait, once the sessions are booked, no more will be made available. Send me an email and I can send you my remaining availability for fall.


Holly Springs Family Portraits

Raleigh In Home Newborn Photography| Lifestyle Newborn Photographer | Hadley’s Sneak Peek


Raleigh In Home Newborn Photography


Ok, ok, OKAY! I am officially obsessed with so many of the photos from this recent in home newborn photography session that was in Raleigh just a couple of weeks ago. I just loved being able to capture some unbelievably precious memories of these two siblings just like this one. I can only give you a small peek of the session, but these shots should help you see why I loved this sister duo so much.

Raleigh Lifestyle newborn photographyRaleigh in home newborn photographerIn home newborn photographer Raleigh NC



The photos above were taken in baby Hadley’s beautifully decorated pink and grey room. The lighting in this room was heavenly.

In Raleigh in home newborn photography sessions have been in high demand. But these photos are exactly why I love the in home newborn photography sessions as much as I do. You can capture such memorable moments as the family members start to bond.

Below are some shots taken of Caroline holding her baby sister for the first time. Caroline was so curious and so excited to be holding her. Don’t worry, mommy was right there next to them. You just can’t see her in the photo. I especially love the first shot of this series where is looks like Hadley is looking up admiring her big sister.

It’s almost as if the plotting is just beginning. Haha!!

Lifestyle newborn photographer Raleigh NCHolly Springs NC Lifestyle newborn photographerHolly Springs NC In home Newborn PhotographerHolly Springs NC Photographer

I always encourage family to get into the newborn sessions. On this day, daddy had returned to work and mommy worked hard to get the girls ready for the session and she opted not to be in too many. I am so so happy we were able to squeeze some in. I think these are pictures that mommy will forever hold close to her heart. The tender one of her with both of her daughters is just so sweet and priceless.


Then there is the one of Hadley peeking over her mommy’s shoulder while being burped. This little girl was so alter and interested in everything I was doing. It’s almost as if she knew she had to pose for this event.

Holly Springs NC PhotographerHolly Springs NC Photographer

Giada’s Lifestyle Sneak Peek | Newborn Photographer Holly Springs | Holly Springs NC


Newborn Photographer Holly Springs NC | Giada

I have to admit, when this sweet little girl mommy contacted me because momma was expecting her, I was so excited. Not only for how loved Giada was going to be but for how happy the whole family was going to be.


Cary NC newborn photographerCary newborn photographer

Although it has been over a year now, Giada’s big brother had an adorable CAKE SMASH, with a cute theme and backdrop. Make sure you check out his cuteness in that link. He may not look that excited in this photo, but I can assure you he is taking his new promotion to big brother very seriously.

Holly Springs NC Family photographerRaleigh newborn photographerRaleigh in home newborn photographerLifestyle newborn photography

When I arrived to the house, mommy had the absolutely more adorable Wonder Woman costume ready for Giada’s lifestyle newborn session. While we were putting the costume on her I got even more giddy. I was so excited for these shots. I mean, look at the little gold Wonder Woman rope!! SO CUTE!! Being a newborn photographer certainly has all of the perks.


Giada allowed us to change her several times and only woke up once during the session and that was to eat. I think we even changed a dirty diaper and she slept right through it. This situation is truly a newborn photographers dream. It allows us to get more photos and allows me to capture the true essence of a squishy and sleek newborn.

newborn photographer Holly Springs NC

Then there is this STUNNING nursery. I mean look at this beautiful room. Even though Giada looked awesome in her Wonder Woman outfit, her nursery is pure feminine elegance. Everything from the flowers on the wall, to the Disney pieces on the shelves, to the flower petals in the skirt of the crib, and the pink tuft linen on the crib….. it is truly designed for a princess in the making.

Newborn Photographer Holly Springs NCCandid newborn photographer


And can you take a look at this mommy? Look how beautiful she is.. just DAYS after giving birth. Can we all take a moment and salute this mama?

Lifestyle newborn photographer Cary NC