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Bhulabhai Lifestyle Newborn Photography | Holly Springs, NC Photographer   | North Hills, Raleigh

Lifestyle newborn photography is such a beautiful way to document the arrival of a brand newborn baby. A lifestyle newborn photography session takes place in the comfort of your home. This is especially helpful for moms who crave staying home after the delivery and offers a photojournalistic/candid take on newborn photos rather than overly posed.

Lifestyle newborn photography

There are so many benefits to having a lifestyle newborn photography session. One reason my clients choose a lifestyle session is because it can be much easier for first time parents who may feel reluctant to get out on the roads so soon after having a baby. The session is about an hour long, which is much shorter than a studio newborn session. This allows new parents to spend that additional time at home, as a family.

In home newborn photographer Raleigh

Having an in home newborn photography session  tends to be easier for moms as well. They can feel less rushed and during the session, have more time to bond with their baby. It also gives us the opportunity to document that precious bonding time.

Raleigh in home newborn photographer

A lifestyle newborn session tends to allow dads to feel more relaxed as well. After the arrival of a newborn there is a long list of things that have to get done…. including laundry, washing surfaces, running to the store to get supplies, and cooking. Having an in home session allows us to take photos in an order in which parents can still feel productive and can be more present in the moments.

Raleigh Lifestyle Newborn PhotographerRaleigh in home newborn photographer

This session was so easy and we were able to get many pictures of mom and dad both with their brand new baby boy, many photos of just mommy and the baby as well as just photos of daddy and their handsome newborn baby.

Holly Springs NC PhotographerLifestyle newborn photography


This lifestyle session was a photographers lighting dream. There was a ton of natural light in the baby’s nursery, which affords us balanced light to give us bright and vibrant colors. Additionally the room was all white.. which allows us to capture the contrast even better. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.


Baby Photographer Raleigh | Studio Baby Milestone Photography Session | Holly Springs, NC

I love being a baby photographer here in the Raleigh area! Especially when I get to work with the cutest babies in the area. Check out this cutie pie! He came into the studio for the first time for his 7 month baby session. He was in such  great mood and was so very happy for his session, he got to wear three outfits and we had several background changes.

Baby Photographer Raleigh

The navy blue backdrop was at the top of my list for favorite backgrounds for this session. The blue in the backdrop really made the blue in his captivating eyes even bluer… if that is even a word. Haha.

Milestone Photographer Raleigh NC

My absolute favorite backdrop for this baby milestone session was the faux bed set up. He really liked it too. What was funny was as soon as he played down he started to get tired and sleepy. It is almost as if he knew that the set up was a bed. He could have totally fallen asleep right there in that spot… chances are that I would have kept photographing him and then just sat there and stared at him… and ALL of his cuteness.  But he didn’t get to sleep.

Baby Photographer RaleighMilestone Photographer RaleighMilestone Photographer Raleigh


This cute romper was adorable… especially with the “H” that was embroidered on it for his name, Henry. He was so comfy in that outfit.
Baby Photographer Raleigh


It’s standard to put a baby in a basket or bucket…. so we did just that. We put him in this basket that he fit into perfectly. He seemed pretty excited about being in it… can’t you tell by the smile on his face?
Holly Springs NC Photographer


I just loved working with Henry for this session. The best part is that I get to work with him again in just a couple of months for his 1st birthday and cake smash session.


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Extended Family Photographer | Raleigh NC | McCay Family


This session is from a  recent extended family photography session in Fuquay Varina, NC. Extended family portraits typically include an immediate family and grandparents, like it was for this lovely family session.


People tend to forget how important sessions like these are to have. Grandparents with their grandchildren…. there os no better gift for a grandparent that that. And no better gift for the grandchildren as well. I still hold on to the photos I have with my grandfather, and they are so very cherished.

Raleigh Family Photographer


The family has a beautifully manicured lawn with beautiful light to work with. It was a little warm but not as warm as it had been for several days leading up to the session. Being able to photograph this family in the shade helped us out a lot. Being in the shade makes so much of a difference.
Raleigh Extended Family Photographer


We started the with just the granddaughters. We got some cute ones of them together and them separately. We also got the whole family that included grandparents. parents and children. On top of that we got shots of the grandparents and parents as well.

Extended family photography RaleighHolly Springs NC Photographerfall mini sessions Raleigh



This extended family session seemed to go by so quickly. I was so surprised to realize that we had run out of time. But the girls were so well behaved we were able to get all of the shots that we wanted to and then some. Lifestyle family photography Raleigh NCHolly Springs NC PhotographerHolly Springs NC Photographer


If you have been considering an extended family session, I would love to hear from you. These are some of life most beautiful moments and they really should be captured. Let me know if you have any questions.

Cake Smash Session | First Birthday Photography | Raleigh NC Family Photographer

Cake smash sessions have been keeping the studio busy, sweet and sticky! It sure has been fun. Usually I find myself in a series of one gender of cake smash sessions then it fades into the other gender. In recent weeks I have had a great combination of boy or girl cake smash. This was a fund theme, that I have done before, but this “banner” isn’t like any other banner I have had during a cake smash session. First Birthday PhotographerRaleigh Cake Smash PhotographerCake Smash Photographer

This “Wild One” banner was very detailed and so hard to get positioned. The letters kept turning as soon as they would settle into position. Then they would twist. We tried to resolve the issue for at least a half hour before we figured it out. I was thrilled with it as soon as it started to work out.

We were shocked at how long he kept his crown on. Mommy was not sure that he was going to keep the hat on at all… but he did for most of his session. In the photos below you can see what happened when he took his crown off after eating some cake. He got cake and frosting in his silky brown hair.

Best first birthday photographerRaleigh NC First Birthday Photographer


At the start of the session, he was a little nervous about what to do. At times he was far more concerned with the crown but we were able to distract him enough with the cake that we made it through.

Holly Springs NC PhotographerCake Smash Photographer


This session was called a “Cake Splash”. The first birthday cake smash is followed by a fun bath… with a bubble machine and rubber ducks. You could tell that he enjoyed splashing around in the tub. Look at those dimples!!!! And those cute teeth!

First birthday Photographer Raleigh




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